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The Party for Social Justice

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The Ten SDP Principles

Social Democratic Party membership is comprised of British people from a wide variety of backgrounds and age groups.

 If you agree with our ten SDP Principles, our party is the party for you.

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Policy and Action

The SDP is committed to the wellbeing of all members of society.  SDP Party policy formulation and actions at all levels and by all members, is governed and guided by our ten SDP Principles

Transparent Democracy

Poverty and Equality

Business and Economy

Distribution of income/wealth


European Communities Act

Community/Public services

Human Rights


Europe and the world    

  1. The S.D.P. Is committed to a fully representative system of elections and openness of government.
  2. The S.D.P. Seeks to eliminate poverty and promote greater equality.
  3. The S.D.P. Is committed to strengthening Britain’s economy by encouraging all forms of legitimate enterprise in the Cooperative, Mutual, Private and Public Sectors.                                              Back
  4. The S.D.P. Seeks to promote a social market economy to ensure a fair distribution of rewards and to meet social needs by public investment.
  5. The S.D.P. Supports the greatest practical degree of decentralisation of decision-making in all spheres of our national life.
  6. The S.D.P. Would repeal the European Communities Act 1972. Ensuring sovereign powers of government are returned. Enabling Britain to be governed in accordance with Social Democratic Party principles and policies.                                                                          Back
  7. The S.D.P. Is concerned to improve the quality of public and community services and seeing that they are made responsive to peoples needs and that those providing them are fully accountable.
  8. The S.D.P is committed to the defence of human rights at home and abroad.                                                                          Back
  9. The S.D.P. believes in a coherent and integrated approach to environmental protection at home and abroad. And will seek to promote a responsible collective approach to global problems.
  10. The S.D.P supports the concept of Britain playing a full and constructive role within the framework of the European and World communities.
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