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Welcome to the SDP website. Have you looked us up because like us you have had enough?

Do you question that our governments still represent the British people.

Do you think like us that these islands of Britain should be governed by the British people from all of our diverse backgrounds, selected to our national parliament and by no others?

I think that what you read in the following pages will encourage you to join us.

Peter Johnson - Party Leader.

Peter Johnson

Party Leader

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Petition: Many Social Democrats are opposed to hunting with animals.  The law continues to be flouted in the UK and foxes are still being killed. The Hunting Act 2004 in its current form is not sufficient to prevent hunt clubs riding out with hounds. Hounds do not abide by the law and foxes are still being killed.

Accordingly you may wish to sign this Petition to Amend the Hunting Act 2004 to include a ban on riding out with hunting hounds.  

:: 12.01.16 ::