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Welcome to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) website.  Do you think that the UK should be governed by the British people from all of our diverse backgrounds, elected to our national parliament and not by selected european bureacrats?  

Following the referendum, do you also now question that the UK government still represents the majority of British people?  

I think that what you read in the following pages will encourage you to support us.

Peter Johnson - Party Leader.

Our Principles Join Us

The EU is a force ‘for social injustice’

  it favours ‘haves over have-nots’

     Iain Duncan Smith  ::10.05.16::

TATA STEEL: Following the news that TATA Steel are putting up for sale their entire British operations including the giant steel plant at Port Talbot Cllr. Anthony Taylor has been playing an integral role within his community and further afield. Cllr. Taylor a former worker at the Port Talbot works and a long standing SDP Cllr for Aberavon has..…more >>  

:: 01.04.16 ::

:: 08.04.16 ::

Brexit: The Social Democratic Party is by its principles committed to Britain leaving the European Union.  I would strongly urge everyone who can, to vote in the Referendum on 23 June 2016.

   The  Vote Leave >> Campaign sets out some good points and facts to consider before voting in the referendum on 23 June.  

TATA STEEL Buyout Discussions: Cllr.Tony Taylor today welcomed the encouraging noises coming from various sources inside TATA Steel regarding the future of the Steel Industry in Britain.

    Over the last week the British and Welsh Goverments have shown a commitment to helping interested parties invest in the long term future of the industry in Britain. The announcement..…more >>

:: 27.04.16 ::


Call for stricter E.U. steel sanctions: Cllr. Tony Taylor, SDP member on Neath Port Talbot County Council and a former Steelworker today called on the European Union to immediately impose stricter sanction on the importation of cheap Chinese steel. In particular..…more >>

:: 19.05.16 ::

#buyoutdiscussions News/Politics

Vote to Leave EU: The people of the UK have voted to leave the European Union giving us the opportunity to grow and thrive in the world.  

This was despite the main political parties which do not seem now, to have been representing the views of the people.

The UK still has many looming crises (eg. housing, nhs.) developed over recent decades which the Government must start fixing immediately and not confuse as a consequence of the Brexit..more>>

:: 24.06.16 ::


:: 02.07.16 ::

UK’s latent racism emerges again: Blaming the foreigner or immigrant for economic problems of the day by far-right followers is an undesirable norm of UK politics.  Racist thugs and bullies exist in society but seem to get even more vile at times of political and economic uncertainty or crises.  The blame card played by political leaders lacking in talent, seems to ensure this.

The UK’s current looming economic crises (job security/shortage, housing shortage, nhs failures) is caused by decades of our Governments’ mis-management of industry and economy, not by immigrants or overseas workers……more >>  

The UK needs and must take care of all immigrants in our society.  The police and the courts must work to catch and punish those guilty of all racist hate crimes, now and always.  Resources must be better provided or prioritised to ensure that this happens.


Who can be democratically trusted to negotiate the UK’s Brexit Terms: The announcement of the referendum on Brexit should have signalled that this issue was outside of party politics.

Unfortunately, our main political parties seemed to have gotten too used to ‘whipping’ their politicians into obedience.  Possibly deciding what was best for themselves and trying to apply their usual… “We tell them how to vote and they do what we tell them”, approach to the electorate instead of permitting a non-party affiliation referendum.  The main parties merely revealed how unrepresentative of the people they claim to represent, they have become.

Unsurprisingly, instead of behaving like party puppets the British electorate showed themselves to be very astute free-thinking independent democrats.

How amazing was it to observe afterwards, how quickly many party politicians switched their position with repeated insistent calls for us to put their past views behind, and look forward to the future.

How few were main politicians representing the majority outcome view, during the campaign.  The difficulty now is that all the main party politicians, having tried to exert party influence on the electorate, lost considerable credibility.  Given the referendum outcome, which main party can claim to represent the public and be trusted to negotiate the best terms for exit - none?

Sure they can all change leaders but who’s interests exactly, will they be representing (big business? The financial heart of the city of London?).  


:: 17.07.16 ::

SDP membership growth, Scotland to London and the South: Responding to membership growth in recent months, SDP’s National Party Leader, Peter Johnson comments:

“The Social Democratic Party was originally borne from a Labour party in disarray and today I find myself receiving letters and emails from people looking to establish new, local branches. Now more than any other period in recent history, Britain needs a party that will not sell off values to donors or be driven by senior politicians with corporate links. Brits are looking for a stable alternative, concerned with the wellbeing of society as a whole.

Against the backdrop of the Brexit vote, some commentators prophesize the fracture of the United Kingdom. However we’re receiving new members from all corners of the land, including Scotland and London. This is fuelled by a number of concurrent factors, including the breakdown of the Labour party, fear that Theresa May will, for all her talk, ultimately deliver a crippling Tory agenda and growing resentment of divisive SNP rhetoric. When disillusioned voters reflect on SDP principles, they find themselves at home.

2016/17 plans include extending our national branch network, refreshing and developing our online presence, contesting by-election seats nationally and targeting seats in Scotland’s 2017 council elections. We welcome supporters to what is, without doubt, a growing movement.”

New member Alex Balkan(23) our Tooting ward by-election candidate comments, “In this unsettled political climate, voters arriving to the polling booth desperately seek a fresh option with social justice and localism at its heart. The SDP is regarded as a proudly British institution and many are delighted to learn of its re-emergence by popular demand, while the major parties experience major identity crises. I’ve been selected to contest a by-election in Tooting and hope to restore faith in good, old-fashioned public service and a holistic appreciation for the Tooting community, bereft of suffocating party politics.”

:: 27.07.16 ::